Alice Von Baum

alice is an artist working in interior design, couture, and block-printing and combines her formidable skills to create a style that is uniquely her own.

presently her main focus lies in designing, renovating and restoring houses. her spaces are contemporary, infinitely detailed, personal and soulful. wherever possible she collaborates with craftsmen using traditional techniques, like seashell-plated doors and handmade cement surfaces, to create a coherent and bespoke scheme of materials, colors and textures.

alice lives and works between Europe and Goa. she grew up in Germany, studied interior architecture and design at Chelsea College of Art & Design, and ran boutiques for her own label in London and Munich. she has been involved in design projects in England, Germany, India and the USA.

she puts her passion, energy and aesthetic sensitivity to work for a very select clientele.

“i love the challenge of working with houses of different periods. the Indo-Portuguese houses of Goa are of special interest as they deserve to be preserved and offer exciting possibilities for renovation. turning them into elegant and contemporary living spaces, which soothe, inspire and nurture their owners is very rewarding to me.“

  • conceptualizing of space
  • interiors — materials and finishes
  • furniture and accessories
  • individual textile schemes
  • landscaping
  • turnkey — ready to move in